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Bozlun India services is a national provider of technical Services Solutions for business of all sizes to accelerate growth and scale operations even while controlling costs and support risks .


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Who is it for?

Any business that aims to answer each customer inquiry/ticket without making their customer wait. You can be an online store, logistics company, restaurant, or service provider. You need BiS support assistance if you have given your customers a gateway to reach out to you online. BiS contact centers take this to the next level by allowing for a more dynamic type of communication if needed and making the process even smoother for customers because they don’t have to manage several communications streams across different mediums. 
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Once your product is in the field, maintaining a high degree of customer satisfaction is essential for your vision to be fulfilled. No matter how amazing your application is, if your customers don’t feel supported the true benefits of your solution will be lost on them. BiS has you covered with services from the moment the product ships through the end of its service life in the field. We’ll work with you to craft a post-sales solution directly for your end users or to complement your channel. Each of the services will fit together seamlessly and our professional staff ensures your customer will rave about their experience with your brand..

What we do?

Phone Support

Social Media Support

Chat Support

Email support

Ticketing System

Custom Reports

Review Management

Marketplace Management

How do we assist?

BiS customer care services involve numerous interactions between customers or prospective customers and a product/service provider. Depending upon the flow of communication, we provide you with dedicated staff or a team to care for customer interaction. Communication can be through phone, chat, email, support platform, instant messaging, or social media- we will take care of it all. Besides a team, you would also get a supervisor and an account manager to keep you and your customer’s expectations on track every time. 

We will be an extension to your team, or you can call us your virtual team. The best part is you can scale your business and team anytime, as we do not follow a rigid structure for scaling or downsizing with the best BiS service approach

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We hire the best people to ensure work effectiveness and business growth. With a list of the benefits below, you know what you have when you hire us.

Scale business at ease

Meet your SLA’s

Dedicated team

No sick days

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Flexible timings

24/7 Coverage

Customer centricity

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